Our Mission

The Medical Imaging Informatics (MII) group is an interdisciplinary team, housed of the Department of Radiological Sciences at UCLA. Our faculty come from a variety of areas, including engineering (computer science, biomedical engineering, electrical engineering), biomedical physics, information studies, public health, and medicine. Students in our training programs come from an even more diverse set of fields, representing the evolving intersection of interests that comprise the disciplines of biomedical and imaging informatics.

MII has two objectives:

  1. The development of new biomedical and imaging informatics methods to advance research, knowledge discovery, and patient care. We are committed to advancing informatics research through our collaborative efforts and the development of new ideas and applications that can transform the biological and life sciences.
  2. The training of the next generation of interdisciplinary biomedical and imaging informatics scientists, able to lead team science efforts and conduct research at the cutting-edge of the discipline. At our core, we believe that a critical part of advancing the discipline is fostering future engineers and researchers that can advance the science and realize real-world change.

The realization of evidence-based and individually-tailored medicine are central to MII's goals. State-of-the-art methods from across a spectrum of disciplines – the life and health sciences; computer and data sciences; engineering; mathematics; and cognitive and behavioral sciences – are all combined and leveraged to realize a future of improved healthcare and our evolving understanding of the human condition.